Massage Therapy


Serenity Signature Massage

This massage was designed to treat! Warm stones are used on the back neck and shoulders to melt away stress and tension. A choice of essential oils are also used to optimize relaxation and lastly, a sugar scrub is applied on the back with warm steamed towels. This massage is a little piece of heaven.

50 minute - $87

60 minute - $99

90 minute - $125

Sweet Heat Massage

Utilizing Cause+Medic CBD infused Pain Cream in combination with warm stones this massage will be like fire and ice.

50 minute - $87

60 minute - $99

90 minute - $125

Swedish or Deep-Tissue Massage

30 minute - $65

50 minute - $80

60 minute - $89

90 minute -$120

Upgrade your massage to use Eminence 100% Organic Apricot Oil for $7

Prenatal Massage

60 minute - $95

Hot Stone*

Through heat and pressure, these stones are used to bring complete balance and relaxation to the body.

*Hot Stone Massages cannot be booked online*

60 minute - $115


A blend of pure essential oils, add to any massage for $6.

Couples Massage*

Enjoy the couple’s rooms for a full one hour massage for the two of you.

60 minute - $195

upgrade to signature for only $10 more per person.

Couples Massage in the Himalayan Salt Room

60 minute- $215

*Couples Massages cannot be booked online*

Infrared Sauna

$1 per minute up to 30 minutes - The infrared sauna is an effective tool for natural healing and prevention.

Specialty Massage & Body Treatments
Restore & Balance Massage Treatment

This treatment is customized with the pressure you desire. Using aromatherapy with a warm mud mask applied to your back, topped with a warm back wrap to detoxify and relax. This massage starts with warm towels for the feet to begin your relaxation.

60 min - $100


Applying appropriate pressure to specific points on the feet through reflexology massage restores energy throughout the body.

30 minutes - $50


Combines the 5,000-year-old Indian principals of Ayurveda. Designed to create balance among the mind, body, and spirit to help the body heal itself. 

90 minutes - $140

*Massage Packages are available for those interested in coming on a regular basis.